Umbrella Insurance

Someone slips at your house. You’re involved in a serious car accident. These are just a few examples of how your financial well-being could be jeopardized, especially if you are a financially successful individual, well-known in your community, or have substantial assets that would be exposed to a nightmare lawsuit.

A basic insurance policy will keep “moderate” inconveniences at bay.  An umbrella insurance policy is an additional coverage you get in the event your basic coverage is exhausted or is insufficient.

Individuals who have considerable assets that could be at risk under the threat of a lawsuit, will want to consider an umbrella policy.  By investing in an umbrella policy, all your assets will be protected; especially in a world prone to frivolous lawsuits.

There are essentially two advantages to obtaining umbrella insurance. One is that it can leave significant assets covered for a relatively small price. The second advantage is that it can simply provide you with more comprehensive coverage that is above and beyond individual liability policies… providing you the peace of mind you want knowing your assets are well protected.

No matter how careful or well prepared you are in avoiding mistakes and causing harm to others, the unexpected and unexplained will occur.  It’s called “Murphy’s Law.”  In fact, all that has to happen is for there to be the perception of a mistake or harm caused to others where you can still end up paying for in terms of legal fees and awarded damages.  Investing in umbrella insurance is your “body armor” against potential financial harm.

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